Gulf Race

The “Gulf Race” project is the expression of sport in its true nature, collaboration, motivation, group and passion, a true “Iron Swimmer” intended for swimmers who in the Gulf of La Spezia, also known as the Gulf of Poets, compete every year in numerous events in the open water circuit of the Italian Swimming Federation. The beauty of the territory is mainly given by the variety and conformation as well as a particular landscape value recognized all over the world. In 2019 there will be the baptism of this great idea in the contents but above all in the values ​​of sport. The companies Lerici Sport and Rari Nantes Spezia have launched a real revolution in sea races and join forces to create a 2.0 version of the swimming events in open water.



  • Byron Cup, organized by Lerici Sport, for almost forty years race competition, the crossing of the Gulf from Porto Venere and arrival in Lerici unique in its kind, rich in history and feeling, an experience for those who love the almost mystical swimming, an appointment to which a true swimmer who loves nature and this sport can not miss. On the 8 km route you play an important part in the shortlist of the national fund competitions FIN
  • Palmaria Island, organized by Rari Nantes Spezia inserted in the beautiful national park of Porto Venere and Palmaria Island archipelago a unique opportunity to swim in an incredible sea where the highest concentration of marine species of the Mediterranean lives, a unique landscape. On the distance of 3 km and alternate years 6 km (complete tour of the island) one of the most striking races of the FIN circuit is played
  • Triptych Santerenzino, organized by CSI Venere Azzurra another piece of the history of swimming at sea, for over twenty-five years the village of San Terenzo of Lerici is transformed into summer and sets up three swimming competitions two amateur and a FIN inserted in the “Gulf Race” circuit, departure and arrival at the foot of the splendid Castello building which is part of the great Genoese defensive system of the Gulf of La Spezia, of medieval origin. On the distance of 3km a fast distance and appreciated by all the participants of the “open water” circuit FIN

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